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Why Knit?

Life today is fast. Really fast!

It's really easy to forget to make time to switch off, children especially find this difficult. The pressure of social media and more and more screen time can really have an impact on their wellbeing.  Aside from creating something, knitting is fun in addition to the other benefits below...

Anxiety, Stress & Depression

Reaching for those knitting wands when you start to feel anxiety build or depression seep in, can help keep those symptoms at bay. Knitting helps to lower your blood pressure and reduces your heart rate. The sense of focus you feel when you're knitting, can act as a distraction from the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress.

Sense of Pride

So many people do not know how to knit. Showing off something you’ve knitted, to someone who has no idea how you've managed it, will make you feel amazing. Friends and family will be in awe of your newly acquired talent, so be prepared for a stack of hat and scarf orders!

Share your talent and get them knitting...


Once you've mastered the basics, knitting can be very relaxing. Most projects are usually the same few stitches that you repeat over and over. This allows you to switch off and let the repetitive, relaxing nature of knitting take over. This has the same benefits to your mind as a meditation session, except you get a knitted item at the end.

Digital Detox

We're all guilty of spending too much time in front of phones. laptops and tablets. Knitting allows us a well earned rest from the digital world. Social media in particular can be relentless for some of us, so spending a little time away from everything is really good for our mental state and wellbeing.

But mostly you should knit because it's fun!

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