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It all started with an
incredibly anxious 
9 year old little girl...

In the beginning...

I Knit Pretty launched in April 2020, but the idea came about many years earlier.  As a keen knitter, and all too aware of the health benefits knitting can bring, I decided to teach my daughter to knit - she was nine at the time and suffers with overwhelming anxiety and a sensory processing disorder. It was an ‘I’ve got nothing to lose’ moment, and I very much hoped that it might help to bring a sense of calm to her busy mind.


Using yarn from my stash and a set of 12mm needles I set her to work on a scarf, which she mastered in no time at all! Seeing how quickly she picked up the basics, I decided to buy her some of her own yarn & needles, so that she could create something independently.

The tricky bit

It proved difficult to find needles that were not only beautiful, but not too long for her small arms, plus chunky enough for speedy knitting. I also wanted to find hypoallergenic yarns that wouldn't irritate her highly sensitive skin.

So, the idea behind I Knit Pretty was born. The next year or so was spent researching and knitting, lots of knitting, to create a range of beautiful yarns and needles, or as we call them - wands!


Alongside the wands and yarn, we've created a range of knit kits that include really easy to follow instructions, that don't involve the usual knitting jargon. For me, the enjoyment comes from keeping things as simple as possible.
My wish is that I Knit Pretty will get children and adults knitting, whilst embracing the wellbeing benefits it brings. We love being part of your knitting adventures, alongside helping people to harness their own little oasis of calm in an otherwise busy world.

This is where you come in...

We’d love to hear how I Knit Pretty is helping you and your children. We want to be part of your knitting adventures, so please share your creations on social media using:


"There's something
magical about the
power of knitting"


Francoise Hall Founder

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